The new creative reset is officially out! We have added a ton to this map that we are super excited for! Here's what's changed.

What's been added:
  • New Creative Spawn
  • Creative is now MC Version 1.12.x
  • 8 New types of vehicles! /Warp VInfo
  • We have added a total of 42 pets to the network! /Warp Pets
  • We have added about 10 new trails!
  • Added new emojis! /Emote
  • Added command: /Logs (link to view all changelogs such as this)
  • We have added new kits to each rank! /Warp Kits
  • Added greeting messages for when you enter plotworld so you know where you are!
  • NEW Plot World! /Warp RealPlots
  • More WorldEdit commands!
  • You can now sit in stairs as chairs!
  • Leaderboards! /Warp Stats
  • Access the leaderboards from anywhere /Top Playtime /Top Tokens

  • Added Marriage chat! /Marry Chat
  • Added signedit! /ES
  • Added more voting sites so you can now get more tokens!
  • Added daily rewards! /Reward for 500 tokens everyday.
  • Added anti-grief system to where if someone griefs your plot we can undo it!
  • Added customizable PRIVATE BUILD WORLDS!
  • New Rank! - Professional

What's been removed:
  • Support for 1.8-1.11

What's been updated:
  • We have completely redone each rank & all of its permissions
  • Most kits have been changed and or added onto
  • We have reworked our rainbow armor plugin so the colors now fade instead of jump from color to color
  • Our chat filter is now a bit more secure to keep it cleaner for creative members
  • We have lowered the prices of most of the items on our store for creative
  • Updated Tab look
  • Updated Scoreboard look
  • We have updated the look and functionality of our control panel (/CP)
  • We have updated the look and information shown on our broadcasts
  • Every single plugin has been updated
  • We have updated all info at /warp Help to go along with the new features
  • We have changed the amount of tokens received per vote - Now 100
  • We have updated all the prices for merging plots with tokens /MergePrices
  • We have changed the size of each Plot!

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed issue with Minecarts.
  • Fixed issue with our scoreboard that was always shown last creative reset
  • Fixed an issue with launch pads from last reset
  • Fixed issue with Trails from last map
  • Fixed issues with the marriage plugin preventing people from divorcing
  • Fixed player achievements being announced in chat

Coming Soon:
  • Furniture