The server lags and doesn’t feel good to pvp on.

This is partially fixed and the other issues have already been tracked by us and will be fixed ASAP.

The economy is dead

I agree, once you get to a certain point in the game there is nothing to spend your money on really.

A proposed fix is this: Two separate economies. What I mean by that is that you have a /f balance and /balance. You can’t manually deposit your /balance to the /f balance and you can’t take /f balance in order to increase your /balance. Conventional farming methods like nether wart farming or cocoa bean farming will grant you /balance money whilst spawners generate /f money every tick.

With /f money you can buy (special) boss spawns and other really cool stuff. We could even introduce P5 UNB4 pieces and P5 bows, regen walls etc etc to the faction shop.

We could also introduce /f money crates with special items.

The longer your spawners are in /f territory ticking the more $ your spawners will generate I will call this the spawner tier (of course capped at a certain amount). So the more spawners you have safely locked away for other factions the more /f money your faction will generate. However this comes with a huge drawback. Spawners can be instantly destroyed with TNT and will be dropped for the other faction to pick up, the spawner tier will be reset.

There is no incentive for raiding

I hope the things i wrote above already give some incentive for raiding as owning more rare items and faction $ give you a higher place on /f top.

However I wanted to add something else to the list. Each faction gets a so called faction core. This core has to be placed in /f territory. Other factions can try to destroy it and if they do they get 50% from your faction balance. This might be something else, if you guys could provide some feedback that’d be nice.

How the duck do we keep track of this.

If Ice likes the suggestion I’ll make a web panel where all stats will be visible for everyone. Kills, deaths faction claims and so on. Everything mentioned above will be completely custom and will take a bit of time to make but it will all be worth it.