Happy 2017! New Year, New Radiant! 

This year we are making a ton of changes to Radiant-MC to increase our player base and the quality of our network.

Our first change is going to be these new update posts, where you can get info faster without having to read as much!

Hub.Radiant-MC.Net | PvP.Radiant-MC.Net

Important News:

● Creative Revamp / Overhaul is RELEASED! - *Click Here For Features*

Quick Creative Server Tour: *Click Here for Video*

Official Server Suggestion Threads:

● SkyBlock - Map 2 - Suggestion Thread: *Click Here*

● Prison Suggestion Thread: *Click Here*

Recent Changelogs:

● SkyBlock

    February 24th : *Click Here*

    January 21st : *Click Here*

    January 6th : *Click Here*

● Creative

    February 18th : *Click Here*

Contact Links:

Twitter: @Radiant_MC *Click Here* - Follow for ALL Updates & Giveaways!

Discord: discord.gg/EcdQb3S

Steam Group: *Click Here*

Contact Email: RadiantMCNetwork@gmail.com

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